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Felipe Simonetto
Head Guitar Tutor

 Felipe has over 20 years of experience in teaching Guitar, playing in bands and releasing music. Felipe teaches at schools and colleges across Auckland, his favorite styles include Heavy Metal, Rock and Roll, Jazz and Funk.

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Ruairi Brunt
Guitar Tutor

Playing the guitar is a huge passion of mine and was my main extracurricular activity through high school. I played in a Jazz combo at Avondale college being awarded the highest awards at competitions.

This passion of the music led me to study at the University of Auckland, to further deepen my understanding of the guitar. However, being taught by Felipe I’m open to all genres of music, pop, Acoustic Fingerstyle, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, classical and Fusion. My love of guitar has also translated into a love of teaching guitar.


Angus Hampton-Carr
Guitar and Ukulele Tutor

Born in 2001, Angus has great passion for guitar, which he brings to his teaching. Starting at around age twelve, Angus quickly wore out his first guitar, while developing the exceptional skill on the guitar that he displays today.
Angus has been teaching guitar to students from learners and above, children and adults, Lead guitarist for Park Rd band.
Excellence in music - NCEA Level 3, Musicianship award (Waikato Region) - Rockquest 2018, Rockquest finalists (Park Rd) 2019
Angus relates well to people of all ages and abilities. Angus is very knowledgeable about the structure of music, improvising and composing. Angus will assess your playing and be able to tell you how to improve and to explain how to improve in easy terms. Looking to improve - Angus is the teacher to help you find the next level.